Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Evidence: the next generation iPhone called "iPhone 5S"

      For Apple's upcoming mid-plastic version of the iPhone product is named "iPhone 5C" we still can not give a definite answer, but in accordance with the practice before Apple's upcoming new iPhone will be called the "iPhone 5S". Of course, if you still have doubts about this name meaning, then, from the Japanese wireless carrier KDDI official website of the code may make you give up this idea. According to the Japanese digital blog Friday at KDDI's official website was surprised to find the name "iPhone 5S" name, but then the site immediately remove the relevant pages, but still there are users first screenshot preserved .
Whether Apple's traditional practices, or the exposure of major news, we have to accept or to identify the next generation iPhone is called iPhone 5S, confirmed again today, I think everyone is not surprising.

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