Saturday, September 21, 2013

iOS7 system operation tips summary

Today, Apple has released iOS 7 full version for users to download, you can go to "Settings - General - Software Updates" to download. iOS 7 user interface called the iPhone since the release of the largest and habits change an updated version, new features and changes in the operation of a bit more about it in this summary.

First of all, one aim is to follow: iOS 7 or familiar that iOS, only the appearance changed greatly, general usage habits and mode of operation most not changed, but the details of some changes.

1 at any time can be pulled out from the bottom of the screen "control center" for fast switching Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen orientation lock, camera, flashlight, brightness, media player, calculator, timer, Bluetooth, do not disturb mode (do not support custom). If you do not want to or within the program can be called from within the lock screen in the "Settings - Control Center" to switch off. If you are playing a song, click on song name in the control center can be transferred to the song being played app.

2 Double-click the home button interface completely changed into a card-style preview. If you think moving too slow toggle app can toggle the thumbnail below app icon, a little faster. Push up to turn off the app thumbnails app.

3 ( Only the National Bank , Hong Kong Bank ) in the "Settings - General - Keyboard - Added new keyboard " where you can find the " Chinese Style Box " input method, we all know

4 For users requiring high power ( especially non- 5S user ) best close the " Settings - Privacy - Location Services - System Services - frequented location" , I did not find this feature for the current user in addition to power ( and power consumption is very obviously ) other than the effect.

5 For the "Settings - General - daemon refresh " function , most of the major manufacturers now have not been updated for the support of this function can be considered closed, but this feature can be made to support the role after the following description : for example, Renren the app, run in the background after opening automatically refreshed when new, do not always go after manually refresh ; another example, micro-letters do not appear "Connecting ... " "Collection of ... " kind of thing , and the new message will automatically receive news column . I believe this feature can be a lot easier after widespread support . The impact must have electricity , but according to Apple's argument is not much, the specific circumstances need to be inspected .

6 In the "Settings - phone ( or SMS , FaceTime)" can be found in the "blacklist" , you can mask all the phone numbers in a text message . In the call log and SMS record "ⓘ" ( circle i) which can also be " block this call number " to the blacklist.

7 built-in programs on all systems and adaptive iOS 7 inside the app , can be pulled right from the far left of the screen to return to the previous menu ( SMS, email, set up in an extremely easy to use ) .

8 In the " Set -iTunes Store and App Store" which you can open the " automatically download the project - update " in the Wi-Fi environment can automatically download the updates ( my mother no longer have to worry about App Store top right corner of the red circle ) .

9 In a text message , pull slightly to the left of each message can be displayed transceiver specific time .

10. Safari in the multi- tabbed browsing interface, slide to the left tab to close tab .

11. AirDrop. This feature in the Control Center or share interface open , use can be in close proximity to other iOS 7 users to share content such as photos, contacts, memos , web bookmarks, and support for the app by sharing content ( such as Evernote is now supported ), etc. Bluetooth share somewhat similar to the old-fashioned , but the speed and ease of use than Bluetooth.

12 pictures in the camera application, press and hold the button can be " CS", which is more than can shoot snapshots fast, probably iPhone 5 is 3 per second , other equipment is less clear. 5S is another unique shooting functions.

13 Compass application added level meter applications , slide to the left recalled.

14. IOS 7 to cancel the unlock tone , do not think is a bug or what .

15 in the United States in the music application , users can find the iTunes radio, this random function is similar to watercress fm listen to music applications, but are playing the songs on the iTunes Store . Want to find Chinese radio station , then add the place easily lose a Chinese singer ( as Jay ) , add the following in the above "ⓘ" ( circle i) which " add stations by artist " to add all Chinese songs channels.

16 new features for 5S see Apple's official website , a detailed description , just say here that iOS 7 General of the Department .

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