Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chinese Internet Security Conference will live demo hacked iPhone charger 60 seconds

      Have you thought about the cell phone charger for iPhone poisoning can make you  do? It is said that at the September 23 meeting held on Internet Security (ISC) on-site, from Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) of the Song Chengyu Mobile Security Forum will be a live demonstration of "malicious charger" 60 seconds to hack the iPhone, the iPhone the Facebook replaced cottage malware same time, he will also have such a detailed analysis of hacking techniques.

     It is understood that Song Chengyu demonstration use of "malicious charger" named "Mactans", Chinese name "Black Widow." It can be under the user's knowledge, secretly install any application for mobile phones and hidden voyeur phone screen to steal passwords or even completely control the phone application, enough to make the participants mouths.

     Since iOS by Apple complete control, compared to the Android system, almost no malware for iOS, Jailbreak iOS devices are often not even be considered safe. But Song Chengyu spoken malicious charger, not only do not need to escape, but only with the phone connected to complete the attack, so that the degree of risk has risen considerably.

      Some experts said that public facilities has become a target for hackers, including secretly set up WiFi fishing steal online banking passwords, etc., and general presentation of this "malicious charger", if used by hackers in public chargers, you may be a large number of public threat.

      Song Chengyu currently working on system security, in office at the Georgia Institute of Technology before Song Chengyu bachelor and master's degree at Peking University, he studied at the university malware, botnets, underground economy and drive-by download attacks. He is also a member of the Honeynet Project and multiple sessions Black Hat conference speaker.

    It is understood that, as one of the largest network security event, "2013 China Internet Security Conference" by the Internet Society of China and the National Internet Emergency Center Guidance, 360 corporate sponsors and get cybersecurity emergency National Engineering Laboratory, OWASP, Gartner and other authorities to support. The conference will be held September 23 -25 at the Beijing National Convention Center, now available landing website for more details.

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