Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to connect the computer with iPhone 5S

    iphone5S connected to the computer, simply put, is to use Apple computers directly connected to the data line. The new machine just after boot factory are prompted to activate the devices connected to itunes, iphone5S also need to synchronize with your computer connected to the computer. Iphone5S Xiaobian teach you how to connect your computer.

   1) First, go to the official website to download the latest version of Apple's itunes installed on your computer. Or directly Baidu search for "itunes download." itunes is connected to your device and the computer, the computer's hard drive, only the computer installed itunes, iphone5S will respond when connected to the computer.

  2) If you just put iphone5S connected to the computer, downloaded after installing itunes, as long as the data cable to connect iphone5S with the computer on it. But the next step is to operate through itunes right iphone5S need to do the following two points.
   ① Open itunes, registered Apple ID.
   ② The current computer authorization, only authorized only after synchronization applications, music and so on.

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