Sunday, September 8, 2013

New iPhone Forecast: Innovation disappointing but still acceptable

  Apple will introduce in September 10 new iPhone, but no matter what it brings to consumers will inevitably disappointing, mainly with the outside world before the release hype generated about unattainable expectations.

  Design: We all know that Apple's design team has been committed to the development of new procedures and finding new materials to create a popular device. Appearance of the new iPhone is thin, light weight, with elegance and aesthetic characteristics of each line and every detail has been completely thorough thinking. But that was not enough, if Apple really want to make consistently critical media excited, then it is necessary to introduce a new form factor has of the iPhone, any reach this standard practice will be described as non-value-added upgrades. From this point of view and, then, the development of new procedures and finding new materials will not play any role.

  Software: Consumers have used "flat" interface praise this apartment in derogatory manner to describe iOS 7, is not true. The operating system is configured with a number of small practical features. These functional improvements can be considered value-added role. Apple will advance to ensure that all functions under the OS successfully migrate to a more scalable user interface.

  Hardware: latest iPhone is still uncertain type of processor: a dual-core or quad-core? Running speed how? Attention to the new iPhone and other devices on the market, in contrast, it will focus on its specification is the most correct approach. Seems Apple will use it in the field of hardware and software control to launch rapid response equipment, so that the device performance has significantly improved.

 Price: Nowadays outsiders have too many expectations that the price of the new low-cost iPhone will be very "cheap" (even though at the beginning of Apple's attempt to deny this view), if the price of Apple's new iPhone is too high, it will incurring censure.

 All in all, it is part of Apple's new iPhone will be disappointing, but it will not let everyone down. Such expectations are based on only Apple product launches in the past year gap allowed some unrealistic expectations on the basis of the growth and spread.

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