Monday, August 5, 2013

iPhone5S Home key and then exposed: No fingerprint sensor

      A group claiming to be iPhone5S parts of the new photos coming out on the internet today. This is a microblogging users following the earlier exposure motherboard, we have seen recently in parts on iPhone5S another message. Photos from the exposure point of view, this time including iPhone5S photograph of the Home key and the corresponding cable, nano-SIM card slot, charging connector, Wi-Fi components, speakers, and rear camera and the corresponding cable.

      In today's batch iPhone5S exposed parts, the most striking nature is the Home key. Because there have been rumors that iPhone5S will be equipped with a killer feature - namely fingerprint scanning. And a few days ago released iOS7Beta4 them, it was also found that the fingerprint scanning impending evidence. According to earlier rumors, iPhone5S fingerprint scan will be mainly through the phone's Home button to achieve.
       But through the latest iPhone5SHome key spy photos, we have not seen any trace of a fingerprint sensor. Do not know the explanation of this phenomenon is the true degree of spy photos do not fly, or is equipped with a fingerprint scanner iPhone5S do not fly? It is understood that the source of exposure to this group of photos is also revealed iPhone5S Published: it claims iPhone5S will iPhone5C together in the September 28 release.

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