Saturday, August 3, 2013

iOS7 Beta4 support fingerprint identification code is displayed iPhone5S

      Apple in 2012, the company acquired mobile security AuthenTec, this company's main technology is fingerprint sensor. Rumors also mentioned that Apple may be in the future to integrate AuthenTec's technology products will be released later this year iPhone 5S main function may be supported fingerprint identification. Of course, now is no conclusive evidence that this inference. In the year just released iOS 7 Beta 4 beta, there are users found the system code shows Apple's next iPhone may be the Home key on the integrated fingerprint reader.

      Evidence exists in iOS 7 new Bunlde of auxiliary functions, namely BiometricKitUI, this file contains information on how to use on iPhone fingerprint sensor string. Before, there are many reports of iPhone 5S in the fingerprint sensor to Apple caused a lot of trouble, a direct result of the iPhone 5S production and supply problems.

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