Monday, August 5, 2013

iPhone5C configured with surprises: or more high-end than expected

      iPhone5C new one rhythm came. Nowadays more and more evidence that Apple will release this fall of two iPhone, one is an upgraded version of iPhone5 that we habitually call the iPhone5S; another is been rumored cheap iPhone, which is soon former foreign media confirmed "iPhone5C". Because of its "cheap" feature, the outside world has been speculating iPhone5C with a plastic shell and a relatively low hardware configuration.

      However, recently a spy exposure is likely to make low-profile rumors vanished. Wei Feng network Aug. 2 news, on the map this is called iPhone5C rear camera spy photos appeared on the microblogging, caused a heated debate, because the blogger claims that this is a 800-megapixel camera. According to information provided by bloggers, iPhone5C equipped with rear camera and now iPhone5 used exactly the same.
       The photos from the domestic to the foreign transfer after some well-known for a lot of Apple's Web site this prediction: iPhone5C configuration with at least a considerable iPhone5, not before most people think it is continue to use the previous two generations of hardware (like iPadmini configuration and iPad2 quite like). Before that, the foreign electronic magazine CE: TheMagazine also a press release broke the news: iPhone is just iPhone5 cheap plastic version, iPhone5C fully consistent with the configuration of iPhone5.

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