Thursday, August 8, 2013

iPhone5 front panel contrast with 5S Spy Shots consistent design

       Foreign media Letem Svetem Applem again today announced the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S spy front panel contrast, from the point of view of these comparison photos, the new version of the iPhone 5S basic front panel design is consistent with the iPhone 5. - It should also be a new iPhone has been called 5S main reason.

     In addition to the front panel ribbon cable seems to have been redesigned, the other part looks basically the same. Some internal screw location nuances changed slightly, but externally as a whole, being mistaken for iPhone 5 can be considered reasonable, such as FaceTime front camera is still located above the earpiece.

     IPhone 5S Home button located around the screw position does not change. Previous rumors, the new iPhone's Home button will be integrated fingerprint scanning capabilities, while all the major leak from the current image point of view, this rumor is not very tricky, at least no evidence that the iPhone 5S includes a fingerprint scanner.

      Currently, Apple is widely expected to be held a new conference in September, which is released in the fall version iPhone. In addition to iPhone 5S, the legendary Apple will release a cheaper version of the plastic shell iPhone, iPhone 5 the same screen size and also is 4 inches. Apple's overseas supply chain partners have revealed that the new iPhone is in production, while iPhone 5S change seems to be the current situation will be limited to the hardware performance improvements.

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