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How to recover data from water damaged iPhone and Android Phone

Want to recover data from water damaged iPhone. I think you can get them back from iTunes backup if you have.This article mainly teach you how to recover lost data from iPhone and Android phone after water damaged.

Recover data from water damaged iPhone and Android Phone
Have you dropped your iPhone into water and lost your data? !How do you fix a phone with water damage? You can dry it off with paper towels, shake the moisture out, put it in a bed of rice overnight, even use a hair dryer... BUT after all that, what if it still doesn't work.You may lost data on iPhone after water damage.Don't worry, iPhone Data Recovery software(Windows&Mac) can help restore your files.

For iPhone User- Use a iPhone Data Recovery to Restore Data from Water Damaged iPhone

Actually, if you've ever synced your iPhone with iTunes, you'll have a backup file generated by iTunes on your computer. Then you can use iPhone iPad Data Recovery to recover your water damaged iPhone data. Both of them can help to extract your iTunes backup and recover all data from it.
But how to restore iPhone lost data from iTunes backup?

Step 1: Choose iTunes backup and scan it

Step 2: Recover deleted iPhone lost data and save them on your computer

Tips: The iPhone data recovery software not only can help you Recover Data from iTunes backup files,but also allows you download and extract data on iCloud Backup.If you accidentally delete files on iPhone,you can also recover deleted data from iPhone directly without backup.

For Android Users: Use a Android Phone Data Recovery to Recover Data from Water Damaged Samsung, HTC, Sony phone.

You can recover contacts, messages from water damaged android phone,the design of Android Phone Data Recovery is specialized for accessible to scan completely the part of magnetic head. During deep scan processing, the program can search each tracks for cleaning up the magnetic molecule. It would make some sounds when it is repaired, when your Samsung was damaged by waster, then all of your contacts, messages, photos was gone, but it is still possible to recover lost messages, contacts and SD data from your water damaged Samsung Galaxy, just try this data recovery for android phone program. It can deep scan your Samsung phone, and restore lost data from android phone without second damaged.

Backup your iPhone data

When your iPhone is dried, the first thing you need to do is backing up the data on your iPhone. If you can use iTunes or iCloud to get it backed up, just do it before you do a full examination on your iPhone. You'll never know what will happen in the future.
Backup your iPhone via iTunes: Connect your iPhone and run iTunes. Then right click on your iPhone's name and choose "Backup". iTunes can backup your iPhone in a few minutes.

Backup your iPhone via iCloud: Go to Settings > iCloud (sign in here if you're out) > Back Up Now.
recover data from water damaged iPhone

Backup your Android data

Backup your iPhone with iPhone Data Manager or Android Data Manager tool
If you can't backup your water damaged iPhone with iTunes or iCloud, don't be panic. It's normal. Sometimes, the iPhone needs a restore to do self-protection. Under this situation, you can try this iPhone Data Manager tool, which allows you to directly scan your iPhone to backup data to computer.
If use Android phone,you can use this Android Data Transfer to backup contacts,sms,photos,videos from Samsung, HTC, Sony to computer directly.
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