Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Restore iPhone Call History, Recover deleted Call Log from iPhone

Are you still worrying about how to recover your lost iPhone call history? Now, this article can help you solve this problem.

There are three ways for you restore missed calls, incoming calls and outgoing calls back,all you need is a iPhone call history recovery tool-iPhone Data Recovery,which allows you recover call history from iPhone in three recovery modes: directly scan and recovery call history from your iPhone ; extract data from your iTunes backup; and restore iPhone data from iCloud backup files.If you have synced your iPhone data to iTunes or iCloud before,you can restore iPhone call history from iTunes/iCloud backup. If you lost your iPhone,or your iPhone was stolen,you still have chance to get lost call history and contacts back(Restore from iTunes/iCloud backup files).
iPhone Call History Recovery
The iPhone Data Recovery not only can help you recover call history/call log out from iPhone,but also allows you restore other lost data from iPhone,such as Contacts, Songs, video and Pictures, SMS, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Voice Memos, Voice Memos, iBooks reading, Reminders and Safari Bookmarks etc.Let’s teach you how to recover iPhone call history with the help of iPhone data recovery program.

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Important Note: This article teach you how to recover iPhone call history from iTunes,you can recover deleted phone numbers from iPhone directly. Before you found your call history lost, please don't sync your iPhone with iTunes , or don't use your iPhone for anything until you find your lost call log back.

Step 1. Choose a recovery mode
Now there are two recovery modes that you can choose from. If you plan to extract your iTunes backup, click the first one. If you want to scan your iPhone, choose the second one.

Choose a recovery mode
Step 2. Extract your iTunes backup or scan your iPhone
Extract your iTunes backup for lost iPhone call history: Your previous iTunes backup files will be found out and listed as the window shown below. Choose the one with a recent date and click "Start Scan" to extract contents from it.

Scan your iPhone for lost call history: Here are two different kinds of situations.
For iPhone 5/4S user, directly click "Start Scan" to fully scan your device for lost data on it.
For iPhone 4/3GS user, you need to follow the steps on the window below to enter the device's scanning mode. Then the program will automatically scan your iPhone for deleted data on it.
Step3. Preview and restore iPhone call history
No matter which recovery mode you choose, you'll get a similar scan result, where you can preview all the recoverable data. You can choose "Call History" on the left side and you will find your call number and restore it just with one click.

What’s more, iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery software also allows you recover lost pictures, movies, contacts, SNS, calendar and notes, and you can preview all of them at the same time. You can check and recover them all with one click if you have a need.

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