Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The ultimate contest Samsung S4 user experience with Apple iPhone 5 comparison

       Because closed iOS system, so with the PC side of management can only be resolved through iTunes, Apple iPhone 5 that many users use the file transfer areas have experienced more or less inconvenient, so that some users are not very familiar with the product distress. The use of the Samsung GALAXY S4 Android system is different, a universal USB data cable you can easily on any computer for data transfer.

   In addition, since the era of iPhone 4S Siri voice assistant used on the iPhone 5 still continues, smart, convenient it soon became the feature label, dare as we pointed out before, the Chinese version of Siri in the country slightly agitated, less of English wit humor. Since the previous generation Samsung GALAXY S3 and Note 2 began to weaken the hardware configuration, emphasizing interactive features, which will also be given on the GALAXY S4 continuation and improvement S4 conference interspersed in the Broadway-style theater also demonstrated its new upgrade user experience, including front and rear camera while taking pictures, eye smart pause, fingers suspension preview, S Translate real-time translation.

   Smart Smart Pause Pause which is a more practical function, which is to allow users to play video movie, by detecting the eye of activities to determine if the user is not being watching the screen, if the user's line of sight when diverting from the phone , the system will determine the user is not in front of the phone to automatically pause the playback video. When the user's attention back to the phone, the system detects eye movement starts playing automatically pause when the content is very humane. Through practical experience, the system returned to the screen in sight after the determination of the time is not long, basically there will be a long time staring at the screen but the paused video replay did not happen.

    For Smart Scroll smart scroll, Samsung GALAXY S4 front camera automatically detects whether the user is looking at the screen, then scroll on the screen will appear the sign, if you want to scroll up mobile pages, you will need to phone tilted forward, if you want to scroll down the phone page, then the phone is tilted back, the whole operation can eyeball just keep watching the screen and does not require further action. And immediately the screen if the user's eye, the system monitors less than eye gaze, regardless of how the hand movements, the phone will not be scrolled pages.

    Air View preview is suspended until the Samsung Note 2 of the most distinctive features, but this feature is also added to the Samsung GALAXY S4 being, but the difference is not required S4 S Pen stylus, a finger can be directly through the suspension preview operation, the user simply finger suspended in a distance of about 0.5cm screen can be operated. For example, in text page, no need to open the entire SMS message, as long as the top of the finger suspended in SMS text messages can preview the contents. Currently Samsung GALAXY S4 suspension of Air View support information can preview preview, schedule, preview, zoom speed dial contacts, and web pages.

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