Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Create your wonderful GALAXY Note 3 released

Global digital media and digital convergence technologies with leading manufacturers - Samsung Electronics WTO-day class in Beijing held a grand conference to announce the GALAXY Note's flagship series of 3rd generation smart phones GALAXY Note 3 official visit to China on the 25th and will be synchronized with the global sales. As Samsung pioneered the product category, GALAXY Note the first two generations of products with groundbreaking S Pen and the large screen tablet computer designed to break the boundaries and high-end smart phones, allowing users to enjoy writing creativity, self-expression, and GALAXY Note 3 on the route again on this success to achieve full upgrade.

GALAXY Note 3 in the heritage and development of GALAXY Note series featuring the same time, adding a fun day tasks management tools and a variety of new and innovative features to help consumers in the most natural way to describe and share their own eyes the wonderful view. GALAXY Note 3 Configuring a bigger, clearer and better quality screen, only to create the best visual effect, but also to achieve a more powerful multi-tasking capabilities. Acclaimed S Pen in Note 3 has also been greatly improved, so that daily life easier and faster.
Wireless Division Samsung Electronics President Lee stew Global Strategic Marketing beads at the press conference, said: "We are using the most cutting-edge and innovative technology to create a thinner, larger screen and more compact product. Note 3 faster, longer battery life, the most popular is its dazzling visual experience as well as more efficient S Pen. in any respect, it has a better NOTE experience. "

In this conference, Samsung also announced its first smart wear equipment GALAXY Gear. The device can be a perfect match with Note 3, so that users can enjoy easy, efficient and convenient.

Classic industrial design, filling the artistic beauty

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 smartphone industrial design to a new height: 5.7 inches full HD dazzling screen, 3200mAh large capacity battery and an original texture after the shell, all integrated in 8.3 mm thickness and 168 grams weight compact body being. GALAXY overall design of the original design have been inherited by innovation, design is more straight border concise and tough, angular design is part of the reservation of the arc to ensure that users can still get an excellent grip experience.

A variety of colors and body protective sleeve design will allow users to have more opportunities to demonstrate their own unique taste. The first listing of the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 body with cool black, white minimalist, avant-garde pink three colors, also introduced a variety of protective cover more color options, in addition to the previously mentioned three colors, as well as wild orange , retro white, cool blue, denim blue and other colors of card-Colorful protective sleeve protective cover and optional smart, user can choose according to their own fashion taste with different colored protective sleeve.

S Pen functionality and then upgrade, even more powerful and efficient input

GALAXY Note 3 of the S Pen functionality upgrade again, it is not only reshape the traditional writing mode to create a modern recording experience, but also by facilitating input and control functions, and fully promote the communication between the phone and the user, so that the daily work life much easier. "Floating window command" (Air Command) The S Pen is fairly representative of the innovative features. S Pen suspended users will stay on top of the screen, and tap the pen button to enter the "floating window command" control interface, which includes the five powerful treatment can really make everyday tasks easier and more convenient, eliminating the need for users repeatedly switch on the screen, users do not need to remember commands or find a variety of menus.

• "Smart Memorandum" (Action Memo) allows the user to execute the corresponding command handwritten notes or handwritten information is converted to text. With this feature, users can take advantage of the handwritten contents immediately initiate calls, add contacts, check the map, search the web, save task lists and other operations.

• "Clip Art Gallery" (Scrapbooker) to provide users with a one-stop source material sorting and tracking the way. Users can always add clip inside the content, which can be readily retrieved material, and whether these materials are derived from different resources such as web pages or albums, users can easily be traced back to source.

• "screencast writing" (Screen Write) can intercept cell phone picture currently displayed full screen and allows the user to add a comment on a picture taken or indicate a variety of information.

• "S Search" (S Finder) allows the user to achieve a variety of content on a mobile phone universal search. Users can enter keywords, you can also enter the date, location and other types of information to filter and filtering, you can search for relevant documents, events, communications records, and even help page. In addition, users can also search in the phone and handwritten memos, including symbols.

• "Essay window" (Pen Window) can open multiple small application window, to achieve a new form of multi-tasking. Users only need anywhere on the screen to draw a window to any size, can appear small application window, such as a calculator, Internet, mobile phones or micro-channel and so on. This window can be enlarged to full screen can also be reduced to a circular icon, and always float on top of the current page and does not affect the user currently running any program....

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